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I'm so much better than I used to be at staying in the moment and keeping my overthinking in check, but every now and then something happens that makes me look back and dwell a bit on times gone by. I don't long for the past, I love my present and wouldn't want to change any of it, but it places me in what I can only describe as a melancholy mood.


Yesterday my eldest daughter left primary school and this has been the trigger for such a melancholy episode. It marks the end of an era and is a clear sign of passing time and I have found myself looking at old photos, remembering times when the girls were tiny and in a way, I felt some grief for the loss of all these moments that are gone, spent, never to be had again.

It can be easy for a melancholy mood to linger, to turn into sadness tinged with panic at time passing and a sense of overwhelm at so much change happening. So, it is vital to come back 'into the moment' – to return to the present and concentrate on all the great things happening now. Being in the present, being mindful, is the perfect antidote to overthinking. It calls your wandering mind back into line and stops small negative feelings snowballing into large, long-lasting negative feelings.


So, our challenge for August is to be more mindful, to be more in the moment. And I have a fun and practical way to help you start – I want you to join in a game of Mindfulness Bingo. A lot of mindfulness techniques revolve around what experts call 'grounding' – that is using something you can see, hear, touch, smell or taste to bring your senses back to what is happening in the present. It is a very simple technique which has immediate and effective results.

So, our game of Mindfulness Bingo gives you a few prompts to help you start to use 'grounding' in your every day life. The first bingo card (which you can find at the end of this post) concentrates on things you can see and hear and gives you prompts for things to look out for during your day. And like a traditional game of bingo the idea is to get a full line crossed off, followed by a full house. During the month, I will also share extra daily prompts and a new bingo card to keep you going over in the Beyond The Crumpled Paper Facebook Group (come and join us here). You can also join us there and post your bingo successes!

It's time to take charge of our overthinking, so let's play Mindfulness Bingo...


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