Acrylic on Canvas Board, 36cm x 46cm

This painting is a good example of one of the themes I revisit often in my work - finding joy in the little things.

We can all make the choice to find joy in the ordinary and the everyday, and something as simple as wearing purple shoes, a yellow coat or a nice bright scarf can be a really easy but very effective way of doing it. I love wearing colour. Even as a rather introverted character (who certainly hasn't got a figure that deserves attention - due to my love of not only joy but also wine and cake!) most of my wardrobe features bright colours and funky prints and I rarely leave the house without a splash of colour. 

Colour really does brighten up the world around us and can have a massive impact on mood, so I encourage you all to choose that orange dress, pick the lime green tie or even just wear some bright socks to the office. I mean, it's really hard to be grumpy all day when you're wearing shiny purple boots...

The original painting of 'Today, I Will Be Wearing Purple Boots' is currently available to purchase for £595 (including professional framing but exclusive of delivery). Please contact us directly if you're interested in purchasing this painting.

Prints of this painting are also available here from our online shop.