It is estimated that over 108 billion people have ever lived - 108 billion! And yet there has only ever been 1 you. And there will only ever be 1 you. That's amazing - mind-blowing and amazing. My message is to remind you just how wonderful you are and I am so excited to add a new range to my work to help spread this message (well, I say a new range - this blog post will show you it's actually a really old strand of my work that now seems to fit perfectly with my mission to get people to be who they are and love who they are!)

Just as each one of us is unique, every pebble on the beach is unique. And it is the unique shape of each one, along with its lumps, bumps and imperfections that makes each one a canvas to a completely original piece of artwork. Each one serving to remind us that being unique is to be celebrated. We need to grow in confidence in being who we are - proudly 'decorating' our own unique shape and indeed, our imperfections. So, Stone Me! is here to present a range of hand-painted stones, all 'rocking' their uniqueness in full colour! Stones will be added to the shop as and when they are available, and although the same subject matter might be repeated, no 2 will ever be the same.

I am also really excited that you can now wear your Stone Me! artwork with pride as a delightful range of hand-painted pebble pendants is now also available in the shop - take your pick from a growing range of beautiful designs.