Whether it's a favourite biscuit, a signature dish, the starter at your wedding or a nostalgic treat, we all have our own food stories - and here is the opportunity to celebrate yours with a unique painting commission.

With prices starting from just £55, commissioning your own food portrait is a fun and original way to add some loveliness to your own home or to give as an incredibly special gift.

So, what size paintings are available?

Paintings are available in a variety of sizes:

Tiny Paintings - charming little paintings measuring 10cm x 10cm which are suitable for single, simple subjects (see the ones in the shop to give you an idea of what would work at this scale). Prices for a tiny commission start at just £55.

Small Paintings - at 20cm x 20cm these paintings give the opportunity for a slightly larger or more complicated subject than the tiny paintings. Prices start at £130.

Big Paintings - well this covers everything from the size of a small painting upwards! These are the serious paintings which really pack a punch - full of detail and a real investment piece. Prices start from £200 to £2000 (and above!) depending on the size and complexity of the piece.


And how do I go about commissioning my own food painting?

You need to start by getting in touch with Helen through the contact page or by emailing [email protected]. Give your ideas about subject matter as well as the budget you have and Helen will get back in touch to discuss composition and agree on a final painting.

You will then be sent terms and conditions to agree to and pay a 50% deposit to secure your order after which your painting will be completed (you will be given an idea of schedule and timescales before you commit to ordering). On completion you will be sent photos of your painting to approve before you pay the remainder of your balance and wait for your painting to arrive!

IMPORTANT: Helen needs high resolution photographs to work from, so to complete a commission the subject matter must be one that Helen can photograph herself or one which you already have high quality photographs of (along with the copyright permission to paint from them)