So, what's a Garden Glimmer?

You are probably aware of the term 'trigger' - something that triggers us to feel a negative response such as fear, upset or panic. But did you know that the opposite of a trigger is called a Glimmer? And how wonderful is that!

Glimmers are just small moments or happenings that can spark a feeling of joy or peace. They help cue our nervous system to feel safe and calm and despite being small, and perhaps fleeting, they can have a really big positive impact on our mental health.

We can spot Glimmers anywhere - the smile of a stranger, hearing our favourite song, stroking a dog - but one place I know I will always find them is in my garden and out in nature and this is the inspiration for this series of paintings.

'Garden Glimmers' is a series of small paintings which capture some of the Glimmers spotted and enjoyed in my garden and in other gardens and green spaces. They are little snapshots of paintings which show the moment of a Glimmer and celebrate the importance of looking for them, spotting them and enjoying the joy they can bring. You can bathe in an abundance of glimmers in our green spaces - be it a single, beautiful bloom, a passing bee or butterfly or just the way the sunshine casts a shadow - these small moments can bring such a big improvement to our mental health and well-being.

The original 'Garden Glimmers' paintings can be purchased here.