“Take a rest. A field that has rested yields a beautiful crop.”


If you're a plate spinner, the person that keeps the world turning smoothly for all around you, then The Overload Antidote is for you.

Yes you love caring for family, you strive to perform well at work and you enjoy spending time with your friends – but alongside planning meals, cooking meals, keeping pets alive, shopping, watering the houseplants, washing, tidying, cleaning the toilet, putting the bins out, attempting to exercise, sorting the bills out, managing a ridiculous amount of life admin and a million other invisible jobs that keep life running smoothly, it can be utterly exhausting.

So, The Overload Antidote is here to show you that you are appreciated and that all those plates you spin every day are recognised and understood - as well as bringing some joy and humour your way.

Yes, it is a joy to have people in your life that you want to love and care for. It is a source of pride to have a job that you can do well. And you appreciate and enjoy all the great things that you have. But my word, you would kill for a day off from life every now and then!


*TOA brings you original designs all featuring paintings by Helen McNicholas. Be warned though - things sometimes get a bit sweary so don't head to the TOA Shop or follow on social media if you don't like swearing*