Hello :) I'm Helen – wife of 1 man, Mum of 2 teenagers and chief keeper-aliver of 3 fish, 1 axolotl and many, many plants. I'm a very happy artist, a keen gardener and a joyful wine drinker (of the red variety).

I love painting and have done all my life and I also have a degree in Design:Typography which is why I also love using type in my creative work. My work has jumped around a bit over the last few years and it could be argued that I'm still trying to work out what to do when I grow up!

I try to keep my glass half full and always count my blessings every day – even when things go a bit pear-shaped! I've never seen Game of Thrones, never read 50 Shades of Grey and I hate baked beans. Like really hate baked beans. Oh and never tickle me – otherwise I'm likely to punch you in the face.