Aren't flowers (and plants!) wonderful? They bring us such joy. We use them as a symbol of love, to show celebration or sympathy and to simply bring colour and beauty into our lives. But sadly, they don't last long. And that's where a painting can help. Be it a favourite flower or a special bouquet, a painting can capture it forever as a memory of that special time or that special person.

Commissions are available in a number of styles to suit all budgets and offer the opportunity to create a unique piece that would make an extra special gift for a wedding, an anniversary or simply just because. A flower painting isn't just about the colour and beauty of the flowers themselves, it is about the emotions and memories that they so strongly represent.



A garden glimmer is a small painting capturing a single bloom, or small moment on lovely, textured, heavyweight watercolour paper.


A shaped flower is a really unique piece, cut from MDF and painted to represent the bloom of your choice.


Perfect to capture that perfect bouquet or give you a bigger piece suitable for any wall, traditional paintings are available in a huge range of sizes.

To enquire about commissioning your own painting contact Helen by emailing [email protected], using the contact form below or by messaging through any of her social platforms. A commission is a partnership between you and Helen, the aim of which is to create a unique painting that meets your requirements. Each piece is priced individually depending on the type, scale and complexity of the piece but you can see some guide prices here which give you an idea of the budget required for each one.

Once your commission request is confirmed (and all parties are happy with painting details, budget and timescales), you will be sent full terms and conditions for the commission and a link to follow to securely and safely pay a non-returnable 50% deposit - your painting(s) will be added to Helen's work list as soon as this deposit is received.

Please use this form to send us your commission request, or alternatively you can email [email protected] or message Helen through any of her social platforms.

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